Being a local manufacturer and employer we strongly care about our community and the people around us. Some folks are just forgotten by society or just need some support to reshape their lives. The same holds true for larger issues of injustice where we can make a difference. We also support educational endeavors to help teach kids, from elementary level to university, and (re)shape their views about the importance of caring for our environment, upcycling, sustainability and building a meaningful business.


We would like to introduce you to Dawn. Dawn has been living on the streets of Santa Rosa for, on and off, about 23 years. She has a big heart and is a good soul with a strong desire to finally make it off the streets and into a more stable environment for her to live in. We decided to help Dawn change her situation by starting a fundraising website: ournewdawn.com Thanks to generous support from friends and our local community we were able to buy Dawn a new "home". If you can support our mission to help her with any amount, you can send your contribution through a PayPal account we set up for this purpose at info@ournewdawn.com or check out her merchandise website for Our New Dawn that we created specifically for her.



You may know us for our upcycled products made from reclaimed materials - but did you know that we also have a product line entirely focused on personal safety and protective gear? In early March we put together our first donation of approximately 500PR of military knee pads and 1,000PR of military elbow pads from our inventory and delivered them to a company called Teknika down in San Jose. Teknika used their connections and logistics skills to coordinate the transport of urgently needed donations such as medical supplies and protective gear to Poland, from where their trucks distributed the goods into Ukraine.