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TekTailor is a small but passionate manufacturing business located in Santa Rosa - just 50 miles North of San Francisco in the beautiful Sonoma County wine country. We are driven by the B-Corp principles of using business as a force for good and building a sustainable and meaningful business that helps protect our environment, supports our local community and creates jobs locally. We are a certified green business and legally incorporated TekTailor as a Benefit Corporation, with the goal to one day also receive our 3rd party B-Corp Certification.


At TekTailor we have a passion for old, used stuff - things that usually end up in the landfill. We live in a single use society where many materials that required a lot of resources to make in the first place get thrown away when they still have a lot of life left. TekTailor REMADE focuses on diverting such materials from the local landfill and turning them into unique and meaningful new products.


Being a local manufacturer and employer we strongly care about our community and the people around us. Some folks are just forgotten by society or just need some support to reshape their lives. The same holds true for larger issues of injustice where we can make a difference. We also support educational endeavors to help teach kids, from elementary level to university, and (re)shape their views about the importance of caring for our environment, upcycling & sustainability, building a meaningful business.