Owner & CEO

Steffen is our Founder and CEO with the initial idea and vision behind Sonoma-USA. Steffen has been involved in the local cutting and sewing industry since early 2010, when he joined his father-in-law’s manufacturing business BPE-USA as Chief Operating Officer. In his pre-manufacturing days, Steffen worked in the mobile internet and mobile telecommunications sector across Germany, the UK, Austria and the US for twelve years and also co-founded tripwolf.com – a worldwide travel guide and travel community website. Steffen lives in Marin County and is a proud daddy of three little ones (2, 4.5 & 6).

NORMA Lead Pattern Maker ​

NORMA (aka Superwoman)

Lead Pattern Maker

Norma’s superpower is her ability to transform our crazy ideas and product design scribbles into real products. She’s our lead pattern- and prototype-maker with over 20 years of sewing production experience. Norma’s sewing skills range from working with heavy duty textiles all the way to light weight apparel fabrics. Her attention to the finish details (such as zippers and seam bindings) ensures that our products are handcrafted for maximum beauty and functionality.

JOSÉ LUIS aka El Cortador

JOSÉ LUIS (aka El Cortador)

His Position Here

Once we have figured out our product patterns and materials, Jose Luis takes over with his sharp eyes and even sharper blades. We hand Jose Luis piles of banners and materials, and he cuts them into manageable shapes and pieces which are ready for the work floor. As an added bonus, he makes sure to include all of the fabric markers and guides that our sewers need to turn these materials into finished products.